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Outside Corrosion Protection

Adacor Aktiv Primer

A 2-component epoxy resin for corrosion protection with pigmented with phosphate.

Adacor Aktiv Glimmerfarbe

Two component resin based on epoxy and polyamide for smooth thin and medium thick layers.

Adacor EP

Low-solvent two-component epoxy laminate for steel, other metallic surfaces, brickwork, concrete.

Adacor Grund

Adacor Grund is a 2-component primer based on epoxy resins which can be applied on concrete, plaster, gypsum wood materials and many plastics and on old paint.

Adacor Zink

Adacor Zink is a 2-component zinc dust primer based on epoxy and polyamide adhesion resins.


A low-solvent, lead, zinc and chromate-free coating material on a 2-component epoxy resin base. The product permits thick coatings to be applied to steel that has been blasted, ground or treated with soundly adhering bestrost (rust preventive) and soundly adhering balcony coatings.

Adapur ACR

Two components polyurethane resin for top layers, applicable for interior and exterior.

Adapur ES

Two-component polyurethane based resin used as monolayer for interior - and exterior applications.

Adapur HS

Two-component PU-paint with a high solid content (max. solvent content, 15 % by weight) for smooth, gloss covering in thin to thick coats.

Adapur HS PK-2

Adapur HS PK 2 is a 2-component high-solid PU paint for smooth, shiny, from thin to thick-layered coatings. Solvent content max. 15%.

Adapur WR

Two component monolayer polyurethane resin with high weather and colour retention mainly used as topcoat.

Adapur WR Glimmer

Two-component main coat based on polyurethane resin applied on steel, aluminium and galvanized metallic surfaces.

Etoplate Masters

Etoplate Masters is a liquid, thixotropic, two pack, low-solvent, epoxy resin based coating. The hardened surface is easy to clean and very elastic and is highly resistant to several chemical products.

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